(What is The Link Between Martial Arts and Education?  by Jhoon Rhee and Chun Rhee, p2)

Knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body are three basic foundations that must be balanced to develop a truly confident and happy child.  Children, however, are not mature enough to appreciate the true value of neither knowledge, nor honesty; but they value strength highly.  Most children greatly admire Black Belt Martial Artists for their physical ability to defend themselves.  The unbelievable popularity of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" among our children is proof of this.  It can be said without argument that when you envy someone or something, being like that person or thing is highly desirable.  Therefore, the Martial Arts can be used as a tool to teach children the mental self-discipline necessary for the physical discipline in Martial Arts.  This mental discipline can thus be applied to other areas in the child's life, including education.

For a young child beginning in the Martial Arts, the Martial Arts instructor is a permanent fixture in the young person's life, especially when the student spends three or four years working toward the black belt.  The instructor spends great amounts of time working with individual students.  From this quality time together, they develop love and respect for each other.

Over 75% of the students at the Jhoon Rhee Institutes are children and they are responding positively from the discipline training.  From this observation, we have come to the conclusion that Martial Arts teachers can have as much influence on children as any other professional.  We are convinced that Martial Artists, with this heroic image, can motivate our young people to enhance self-discipline that is indispensable for building character and wisdom in children.  We can build confidence in academic children by teaching them black belt skills, so that they can stand against bullies.  This way, we can help our children to reverse the peer pressure from bullies which has been a root of social decline.

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