(What is The Link Between Martial Arts and Education?  by Jhoon Rhee and Chun Rhee, p3)

The Martial Arts is more than a sport, an art, or a method of self defense; it is a way of life.  Those who practice the Martial Arts with devotion will discover that their outlook on life changes a great deal.  This process involves a great effort to unify the mind, body, and spirit and a deeper understanding of the dignity of humanity.  Increased self confidence, self worth, drive and level of accomplishment received through Martial Arts are only a few of the benefits; ultimately, it will lead you to a happy life which is the end purpose of every human being.

The guidance, interest, and leadership provided by heroic Martial Arts instructors have changed the lives of many young people for the better.  Instead of high school dropouts, drug addicts and thieves, these young people now make positive contributions to our society.  The steady, dedicated training a student receives in the Martial Arts can redirect a young life to positively contribute to themselves, their families, and their country.  The Martial Arts can be the basis of our children's total education.

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