Karate Program Fees

During an introductory lesson, our instructors evaluate the student on his/her strengths, weaknesses, and most important of all, his/her rate of learning.  

We do not wish to place you in a class too slow for you which creates boredom, nor one that's too fast which will create a sense of discouragement and failure.  This is why the introductory lesson is so valuable to you as the student and to our staff members.

We will help you succeed!!!

After the introductory lesson, we will work with you to choose one of our affordable payment plans.

What better way is there to find out that karate is for you? 
Come see for yourself how beneficial our karate program is to your overall health, confidence, safety, and happiness . . .

                   Childrens Martial Arts Introductory Program                                                  Adult Introductory Karate Program



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